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Pilots' unions for Air India choose to accept updated service terms

The two pilot unions of Air India have chosen to accept the updated service standards and new pay scale that the company has given.

The proposed remuneration system for the carrier, which was unveiled on April 17, was challenged by the Indian Commercial Pilots Association (ICPA) and the Indian Pilots Guild (IPG).

The most recent decision came after a virtual town hall meeting last week between pilots and the airline's chief operating officer, R S Sandhu, during which the latter gave the assurance that all requests would be taken into consideration.

The two unions issued a joint statement on Thursday saying, “The joint directive stands withdrawn upon the assurances given in the online “Townhall Meeting for all Pilots” and in the interest of the aspirations of Air India, The Tata Group, and our passengers.”

The news also occurs at a time when budget airline Go First, which is in the midst of a crisis, has initiated insolvency resolution processes.

IPG contains pilots who fly wide-body Boeing aircraft, whereas ICPA represents pilots flying the fleet of Airbus narrow-body aircraft.

As loyal Air Indians, “we believe it is crucial to express our readiness to settle the dispute at hand and find an amicable resolution for the benefit of both parties,” according to the statement.

For pilots and cabin personnel of Air India, Air India Express, and AIX Connect, the Tata Group-owned airline released amended remuneration packages and new service terms and conditions on April 17.

The two unions had criticized the new service conditions as being anti-labor, unilateral, and harsh.

“Over the last year, the management has not cooperated in any way, which has made it difficult for us to come to a settlement. The statement read: “Their refusal to address our concerns and complacency have led to a protracted deadlock and rising tensions.

The unions said that they made the decision to revoke the instruction after receiving a guarantee during the online town hall meeting for all pilots.

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