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Spanish titans Though dominant, Madrid and Barcelona are alone in their battle for the Super League

<p>Real Madrid and Barcelona are having a hard time finding partners to help bring the Super League back to life.The European Union’s highest court ruled against UEFA and FIFA’s effort to prevent plans for the breakaway league on Thursday, and the Spanish powerhouses were quick to celebrate and declare triumph.</p>
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<p>But despite the favorable verdict, as the hours went by, there were no indications that they would succeed in persuading anybody else to support their cause.</p>
<p>Although it would be difficult to persuade other teams to join them again, Madrid and Barcelona were unlikely to give up easily.</p>
<p>Madrid president Florentino Pérez released a statement saying, “Allow me to tell the European clubs that we are at the dawn of a new era that will allow us to work freely, on the basis of constructive dialogue, without threats, without acting against anything or anyone, and with the aim of innovating and modernizing football in order to continue sustaining the fans’ passions.”</p>
<p>If the competition were to be founded, Barcelona would benefit greatly from the Super League arrangement, which may help with its financial issues. The club declared that a new round of negotiations should be initiated and that it was time to act.</p>
<p>As one of the teams spearheading the Super League initiative, FC Barcelona stated that it hopes to start fresh conversations about the direction that European competitions should go in the future by opposing the monopoly over the game and paving the way for a new elite-level football competition in Europe.</p>
<p>However, none of the other ten teams who were a part of the first experiment said they would want to come back. Juventus, an Italian team, was one of the three teams that had delayed their withdrawal till earlier this year. The Super League’s founder and former president Andrea Agnelli, whose family still owns the team, made a mysterious post on X, formerly known as Twitter, referencing a Juventus slogan that translates to “All the way to the finish,” along with lyrics from a U2 song, despite the fact that the club’s new management has taken steps to distance itself from the project.</p>
<p>Atletico Madrid, the opponent of both Real Madrid and Barcelona, was among the teams to promptly reaffirm their opposition to the new league.</p>
<p>Atletico said in a statement that “the European football community does not support the European Super League.” “The Super League is opposed by Germany, France, England, Italy, and Spain (except from Real Madrid and Barcelona). We support maintaining domestic leagues, safeguarding the European football family as a whole, and ensuring qualifying for European tournaments by on-field success each season.</p>
<p>The European Club Association, which represents the best football clubs in Europe, and many teams joined the Premier League in opposing the concept of the new tournament.</p>
<p>“We still hold the same position,” Manchester United said. “We are still totally dedicated to competing in UEFA competitions and to working constructively with UEFA, the Premier League, and other clubs via the ECA to further the growth of the European game.”</p>
<p>based in Madrid The Super League’s promoter, A22 Sports Management, quickly released updated plans for the league, which would compete against Europe’s premier club competition, the Champions League. There would be promotion, relegation, and elimination from the breakaway competition in the recently planned Super League.</p>
<p>The first proposal, which was unveiled in April 2021, was abandoned 48 hours later because to strong opposition from leagues, supporters, and the soccer community at large.</p>
<p>“Clubs, players, and fans hold the power to shape both the present and the future of European football,” Pérez said. We are now in charge of our own fate, and we bear a heavy burden. There is a shift on this day. In the annals of football history and sports in general, today is really remarkable.</p>
<p>However, while the two Spanish rival clubs continued to be the only teams competing in the breakaway league, no history had been made up to this point.</p>
<p>UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin said cynically, “I hope they start their fantastic competition as soon as possible with two clubs.”</p>

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