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Kadyan is perplexed by Bajrang’s choice

<p>The Wrestling Federation of India revealed the dates for the crucial senior nationals in January and February of the next year on the same day that Bajrang Punia made the decision to return his Padma Shri (2019). Before Bajrang could return the prize to the Prime Minister’s home, he was stopped. He rationalized the choice in a heartfelt letter.</p>
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<p>Devender Kadyan, the senior vice president supported by Bajrang, is a bit perplexed by the whole incident, however. He was one of the two elected candidates on the list of fifteen officebearers. The Railway Sports Promotion Board’s (RSPB) previous secretary, Prem Chand Lochab, was chosen to serve as secretary.</p>
<p>Kadyan, a BJP man who is also from Haryana, is said to be connected to Bajrang and was involved in the protest that the wrestlers staged in January against Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, the former president of the WFI. Through the media, he learned about Sakshi Malik’s intention to resign from wrestling, which was a key component of the protest. After winning, he even had a face-to-face meeting with her in the nation’s capital. “I met Sakshi in the evening but by then she had already addressed the press conference and announced her decision to quit wrestling in protest,” Kadyan informed this newspaper.</p>
<p>Kadyan said that he attempted to persuade Sakshi, the Olympic medalist from Rio in 2016, to reconsider her choice, saying that Bajrang’s decision on Friday took him entirely by surprise. “Today, after the election, I dropped Bajrang off at his Sonepat residence. On the drive, we discussed a range of topics. He didn’t tell me that he was considering returning the Padma Shri award, but he did seem dissatisfied. I’m offended by his choice. I’m reaching out to him, but it’s not working. We are friends with family,” Kadyan continued.</p>
<p>As it happened, the two met with senior Congress politician Priyanka Gandhi Vadra in the evening, accompanied by Sakshi’s husband, Satyawart Kadian. Priyanka went to Sakshi’s house to greet them.<br />
Meanwhile, Kadyan emphasized the need for patience, referring to it as a fresh start. “They ought to have had some faith in me, at the very least. This is not the moment to make such a significant choice. The wrestlers would be better off concentrating on their sport since the next year would be crucial for them. They ought to have addressed their naysayers and critics head-on on the mat. I told them they would be accepted into the group. WFI will be open and honest. I also need some time to comprehend how the federation operates.”</p>
<p>According to Kadyan, he is prepared to ask the WFI’s recently elected executive committee to take the lead and accept all of the protesting wrestlers into the organization. “I’ll speak with other WFI officials and ask them to get these wrestlers back in the fold. To make sure the passage is simple, we shall, if at all feasible, also speak with them directly.” Even though he may be injured, he is willing to provide guidance if needed.</p>
<p>Decisions not known to Secy<br />
While the WFI announced on Friday that the Senior National Wrestling Championship will take place in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra from January 28 to 30, secretary-general Lochab said he was not informed of the organization’s intentions.</p>
<p>Remarkably, shortly after the election, the WFI called a meeting of its office-bearers in a New Delhi hotel and annulled all of the decisions made by the ad hoc committee, which oversaw the sport in the organization’s absence. The two major choices that were postponed were the Olympic selection criteria and the senior nationals that the RSPB was scheduled to hold in Jaipur during the first week of January. Additionally, the federation planned to hold U-15 and U-20 nationals from December 27 to December 30 at Gonda, Uttar Pradesh.</p>
<p>“I am not conscious of these choices. All of these things were supposed to go via the secretary in accordance with the WFI constitution, but that didn’t happen, Lochab informed this newspaper.</p>
<p>The international governing organization United international Wrestling apparently received a letter from the WFI asking it to remove the ban. Lochab also said that he was ignorant of the move.</p>
<p>In a letter to Sanjay Singh, Lochab also mentioned that several state units had disagreed with WFI rulings. There is also a copy of the letter sent to the Indian Olympic Association. On Sakshi and Bajrang’s choices, however, he remained silent.</p>

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